October 22, 2007

Get intae em! (Or into English, at least)

My Edinburgh Coffee Morning chum Tim Maguire has produced a fantastic video short based on Alistair Findlay's forthcoming book, 100 Favourite Scottish Football Poems. Tim's a pro, and it shows, but I reckon this is the kind of writing/filming/digital storytelling that more students should be given the opportunity to explore.

Update: He's done another stonker!


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thanks Ewan

I think some of your edubloggers will recognise the fan featured in the clip above as a peripatetic music teacher from Fife - he did a great read!

It would be great to see some video responses to this from young students - the book comes out in mid-November but I'm sure the publishers, Luath would be open to approaches from teachers. If you're interested, please let me know.

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