November 30, 2007

Almost there...!

How many of you can leave a comment on this or jump on Twitter in half an hour to show Holland how education can go online?


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Not too sure what you mean


Hello to Holland

from Ireland

Hello from Canterbury, England.

Hello from Scottish Qualifications Authority getting into our glad rags for awards ceremony tonight in Edinburgh

Hello from Scottish Qualifications Authority getting into our glad rags for awards ceremony tonight in Edinburgh

Hello from Scottish Qualifications Authority getting into our glad rags for awards ceremony tonight in Edinburgh

Hello from one of Ewan's friends going round London on the M25...

Hello from Chicago!

Hello from Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.

Goede middag Holland!

No, I am not Dutch...just got it from Babel Fish! hehe

Hello from Banff, Scotland. Not Banff, Canada, unfortunately.

Pnawn da... good afternoon from a wet and dreary Wales :-)

Fiona from Glasgow LTS signing in to say Happy Saint Andrews Day to all in Holland!


Hello from Edinburgh on St Andrew's Day!

I'm sure I'm too late! - the weekend has just started here in the UK, hurray!

Hello from Helensburgh, Scotland (not Australia!)

Hope I'm not too late to say hi from outside Chicago, IL, USA.

Hello Amsterdam, from my living room floor in Huntly , Aberdeenshire

Better late than never. I'd have been on earlier but we were doing a session on podcasting in Musselburgh. I'm glad we all found it fairly easy as the exemplars were the work of 9 & 10 year olds :-)

Hello from Ewan's mum in Scotland - just got in from the rain....

Bit late - but hello anyway from rainy Birmingham !!

Hello from Crieff. Just finished brat-camp and relaxing with a jumbo baccardi!

Hi from NZ, just got up.

Goedendag! Greetings from the United States!

Greetings from Faith, South Dakota.

Ceud mille failte from Perth, Scotland!

Oh dear a little late from East Lothian..

Hello from White Oak, Texas, USA!

Rats! I'm sure I've missed the boat, but just in case anyone from the Netherlands happens to stop by again to see if the list of greetings has grown...

Kan jy my verstaan as ek in Afrikaans skryf?

Groete aan julle almal!

Only just picked this up from my feeds .... sorry if I am too late for the party but it does indicate how feeds work and how we use them .

Why do you get all the fun bits Ewan ??

Hello from Philadelphia, PA

Hello Ewan,

Thanks very much for your inspiring performance in Amsterdam last Friday!
I've been looking round your weblog, looks impressive!
Did you say your presentation would be available online?
Could you let me know when? As I'm preparing a little article about it for our magazine Bedrijvige Talen (meaning businesslike/busy languages)
Best wishes, ella (from SLO)

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