December 11, 2007

Let's meet! Dopplr out of private Beta

Dopplr Last June I started Dopplring, sharing my trips abroad and around the UK with those friends who were lucky enough to be on the Beta version. Today, in Paris at LeWeb3, Matt is launching Dopplr for all, so I'd like to extend an invitation to connect with me and see whether any of our trips or my trips to your hometwon coincide.

It's of particular interest if my American and Canadian pals want to connect while I'm in North America this coming year. I'll be there for almost two months out of 2008, presenting in Florida, South Carolina, Boston and Calgary, sitting in on NECC for the first time in Texas, making a film in Hollywood (I can't believe we're actually going to do this one) and having some holiday (or is it vacation?) in New York.

Since going self-employed earlier this year I've been able to take advantage of far more opportunities to travel than previously, most of them coming to fruition in 2008. It means that my principal and public service employer, Learning and Teaching Scotland, need only foot minimal expenses and I pay for the rest, thanks to the generous support of those who invite me to consult or talk in their 'hood.

It means that, over the next year, there's more than a serendipitous chance that I'll be near you, so take a look at my trips once you've signed up and get in touch if you have a sofa/spare bed/bath to spare.


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Hey! If you end up on Singapore, and aren't allergic to cats, we have a guest room. (And if you are Shanghai for next September's Learning2.008 conference, you might just want to hop down to Singapore for a spell.)

I'd love to go to both but haven't had an invite to talk, which makes it hard to justify :-( Will hopefully make it another time!

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