February 23, 2008

Comment is Free - More than the three Rs

I expanded on my thoughts about Scotland's proposed Literacy outcomes for the Curriculum for Excellence in today's Comment is Free column at the Guardian.

In it, I wonder if the rest of the UK will see its curriculum smash through into the 21st Century in the way Scotland's is set to.


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Dear Ewan,

I'm not able to react on the Guardian-site, so I'll take the liberty of reacting here. I admit your almost right. Most countries seem to emphasize the dangers and hazards of the internet. Therefore they don't talk about literacies in the way the Scottish do. But I guess the way the National Council of Teachers of English talks about 21-st century literacies looks promising. (See the blogpost from Will Richardson: http://weblogg-ed.com/2008/21st-century-literacies-from-the-ncte/)

Thanks for the post. I really like the literacy outcomes and am glad you pointed me to them Love the definition of text. It did a lot to help me begin to frame things from a curricular perspective for our school as we approach 1:1 next year.

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