February 23, 2008

Slow down and stick to thirty

30At 3.45pm, the time that school's out in Scotland, I will technically hit the big 3-0. I'm meant to feel depressed about this, I think, but I don't quite see why. What actually happens in one's twentysomethings?

1998: Having the time of my life as a student in Brittany (and stressing about reading horrible Stendhal and Flaubert).
Macintosh Classic II.
1999: Having to reign back the time of my life to pass my language and law exams.
Macintosh LCIII
2000: Once again having the time of my life in France, while signing up to the Army. Not sure if it's more exciting to be an Army educator or a spy. Decide to have a go at being a spy.
Macintosh LCIII
2001: Failed to join the Army (and not because I blogged I wanted to be a spy). Discovering instead how hard it can be to live in a big city (Paris) on no money and no time outside work.
Dell Inspiron 4000
2002: Learning (again) how to be a good teacher and living in Glasgow's dampest flat.
Dell Inspiron 4000
2003: Discovering the joys of the pay cheque, while having to fly to Dublin every weekend to see my girlfriend.
Dell Inspiron 4000 and Toshiba Satellite
2004: Asking my girlfriend to be my fiancé
Toshiba Satellite
2005: Asking my fiancé to be my wife. Changing career for the fourth time.
Apple Mac PowerBook G4. 1st Gen iPod
2006: Asking my wife to have a child. Changing career for the fifth time.
Apple MacBook Pro. iPod Shuffle.
2007: Having a beautiful daughter. Changing career for the sixth time, and becoming self-employed.
iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPod Video.
2008: ... Seeing for the first time that people do actually take me seriously. Work has never been more exciting, I've never seen so many places, I've never enjoyed those around me so much.
iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPod Video.

You see, looking at things that way, it seems that life only gets better. And there seems to be a direct correlation between happiness, success and Apple Macs. Hmmm. I don't see how having one more candle to blow out is going to change that (unless my lungs give out on that last candle ;-) I hope you'll share a virtual dram with me tonight.

Pic: Slow down Arthur and Stick to Thirty, from the book of the same name.


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My oh my, you are still "yet a spring chicken" but really, you have accomplished so much in such a short time. You have inspired and motivated many in that time too and no doubt you will continue to do this over and over again! We can't help but take you seriously. Happy Birthday Ewan! Here's a wee dram salute to the next 30!!
Chrissy (NZ)

Hi Ewan,
Many happy returns.
In light of your macs to happiness and success ratio, I am going to have to buy a new mac;-)

Happy Birthday Ewan!

Have a good one! And find the time to enjoy your wee one because in what seems like a couple of blinks she'll be like my "wee" one, 3 inches taller than me and all grown up even tho she's just 15.

All the best


Cheers, Ewan! 30's just right for being young and mature at the same time. Nice little history you've got. Funny that just a couple weeks ago I did the same kind of techno-bio a couple weeks ago, but it stretches out a little longer and would probably make you feel younger again. Trust me, it all just keeps getting better :).

Joyeux Anniversaire!
Quel parcours! Apprécie bien tous ces précieux moments avec ta famille et ta trentaine sera fantastique. La cerise sur le gâteau c'est d'avoir un boulot motivant et plein de jouets electroniques que l'on peut aussi appeler outil de travail.
Merci pour tes bons conseils et ton blog.

Happy Birthday Ewan! Next one is on me ;)

Happy Birthday! Enjoy that it falls on a Saturday. But please don't promote the cult of youth. Perhaps your good times are the result of when you're living rather than the age you are. Certainly these are the best times for me and it's a long time since I saw 30. I have just returned from an intensive week in Ireland with students from all over Europe, mostly in their mid-twenties. There were a couple of times when I just bit my lip while they were discussing with me how the boring stuff could wait until their fifties. It's not just different cultures which have to learn how to live with each other but also different generations!

Happy late birthday! Sorry I missed it! You have done so many great things so far and I know your family is so proud of you.

Many Happy Returns! I still find it odd that there are grown-ups who've never known anything but wimps.
Punch cards were great for shopping lists...

Feliz cumpleaños Ewan. I am definately getting a Mac now! I now only have to convince my wife that it will be a good investment...

Happy Birthday mate. Milestones are great. A time to get together with great friends and family and enjoy. We salute you!

We missed you at L@S- the Bloggers' Cafe didn't have the same energy as Auckland.

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed the big day yesterday. And don't worry - it keeps getting better!

Happy Birthday Ewan! - don't worry - your 30's will be even better than your 20's :-D

Congratulations on hitting 30 Ewan and thanks for using my picture (and do read the book if you get a chance). One's thirties aren't too bad either, and I am sure you won't lose any of your zeal in encouraging and leading good practice in Scottish Education.

Wow - happy birthday, Ewan! Hitting 30 hurts, but after 31, it all gets easier (and better) every year :-) All the best.

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