March 24, 2008

SLF2008 - Conference proposals beginning to leak

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This year the Scottish Learning Festival seminar choices were made by an anonymous panel, so only now are there some hints towards an enticing programme for the country's premier learning event. Last year there were about 7000 attendees, hearing around 150 top-class seminars.

I've just had news that my two seminar proposals were accepted, one on digital storytelling using games, digital images and social media as an enabler for more creative work, the other on how a teacher can start out building their own worldwide professional network. I know that a few other seminars have been accepted on a social media or gaming vein, with a spattering of Glow 'futures' type discussions in store, too.

I'll also be on the lookout for anyone wanting to blog, vlog or podcast for Connected Live, which last year attracted a significant audience to its blog, video coverage and short podcasts as it relayed the various viewpoints of what was going on around the huge conference space. Wifi this year will hopefully be further improved, with extra fast access for those wishing to publish with us.

If you're writing about your proposals or the event itself, the tag this year will be SLF2008 (futureproof, too). Please do tag all your blogs posts, photos and videos that might relate to your presentations or informal discussions outside the event. Importantly, start tagging any relevant presentations on Slideshare with SLF2008. We're starting this week to publish some of last year's presentations, many with audio, too, on the Connected Live blog, to whet your appetite.


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Congratulations. How exciting. I'm looking forward to attending sessions virtually. There's nothing like this in Canada yet that I know of.

On another note- I would like to learn how to write effective proposals for conferences. How could I go about doing this?


Maybe a blog post for the future, there. I think it's always good to be as brief as possible, leaving some of the detail out in order to 'sell' the big idea. But I'm sure readers have more (and better) ideas.

A blog on that topic would be great. I hope you can find time to do it.

A blog on which topic? Both my talks will be written up around the time of the Festival (some ideas already have been in the 'key posts' part of the sidebar).

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