May 12, 2008

DS Guitar Hero On Tour... and a chance to get a free Nintendo

DS Guitar Hero On Tour
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I would normally get stung for excess baggage if I were to attempt to take a traditional Guitar Hero setup to a workshop with me. This June, though, it seems that the new Guitar Hero On Tour game will ship with the DS. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Incidentally, if you want a free DS this year, then just register your place for October's Handheld Learning 2008 conference in London before the end of June. Some lineup of speakers: Andrew Pinder, Chairman of Becta, Steven Berlin Johnson, Cultural critic & writer, danah boyd, John Seely Brown, Radical innovator & former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corp, Professor Stephen Heppell, Keri Facer, Research Director, Futurelab, David Cavallo, Chief Learning Architect, Future of Learning Group, MIT Media Lab, Professor Mike Sharples, Director of LSRI.

Oh, and Derek and I will be running a Tartanised strand.


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Surely the appeal (and ultimately massive sales) of Guitar Hero lies with the holding of the guitar? After playing GH3 I think I would feel cheated playing it on a DS!

From the photo, it even looks as if you'd have to make the notes with your right hand fingers. I'd never get my head round that one!

I'm presuming that, as with all DS games, you can play this one right or left-handed, and the colours will adapt to suit.

I absolutely LOVE Guitar Hero, and I'm quite excited about this game, however I'm with andywallis. The whole point and appeal of GH is to be 'rocking out' with a guitar and making a fool of yourself, surely?

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