June 05, 2008

Tutpup: play, compete, learn

Tutpup Since last autumn I've been offering ideas on how mathematics and literacy could be improved to a startup, with the simple notions that

a) certain kids (a large number of them) enjoy competing against each other (social media)
b) we all learn best by playing just above our level

It's become Tutpup, and I'm relieved, to say the least, that the combined guts of those working on the project have been right in this instance. Hopefully the nature of the exercises will glean the same kind of results that the Nintendo DS seems to claim in previous trials in Scotland and England.

Think Kawashima without the need for a Nintendo DS, and add on a safe social network. Then, once baked for a few live mental agility games against fellow learners from around the world, add on a parent or teacher feedback report each week. Voilà Tutpup.

I'm really keen to see how Scottish primary and early secondary teachers might take on the Tutpup challenge. You can sign up your class(es) or your own offspring. Kids can sign up themselves, too, with automatic approval sought from parents. Let me know here how you get on. Reports so far are more than impressive!


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This is a great little site, will be really useful as a starter for a lesson or indeed a quick extension activity - Thanks!

I've been thinking along these lines too and incorporated gaming elements into a cloze test generator that I wrote (clozure.trainingo2.net).

It´s early days yet - but so far it seems that students prefer the activity over the competition, completing the texts but rarely opting to enter their scores. Maybe I just need to try a larger sample (the site´s still young), or change the code so that scores are entered automatically. Either way, the competitive urge hasn´t made itself apparent yet.

Hi, I am looking after a number of special needs kids who are really enjoying tutput, but we are suffering intermittent freezes in the middle of the games which is very frustrating. Is anyone else having such issues?

Hi, I've just discovered this and love it but I would like to sign up multiple classes with my username. Is this possible?

Hi, another question...
would it be possible to resize the "play a game/join a game" page so that we can see all competitors without scrolling up and down constantly (eg. to catch someone in your own class)?
I am on 1024 X 768 resolution.

Thanks :)

Teachers can now have multiple classes on tutpup. Click the "Your classes" link to add a new class.

Also new features coming soon include: Move students between classes and remove students from a class.

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