October 21, 2008

McIntoshes working in interesting times...

Having appeared in the Wall Street Journal stateside a few weeks ago, little could I have known what sexy new role the financial press would take on as we struggle to understand what's going on around us. I don't know if my big bro Neil could've known either, but congrats to him on being made Editor of the WSJ.com Europe edition. Where would you start on innovating online publishing, as he's done in the Guardian these past 'n' years, when the thing you write about is collapsing around your ears? Looking forward to seeing the answer unfold in the coming months and years.


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Wow - you McIntoshes are building a social media empire, aren't you? Watch out Murdoch! ;-)

Last week went to a conference on blogging and media here in Thessaloniki, Greece and it was interesting to see the difference between what your brother has done at the Guardian and what the newspapers do here. They have poked their head in sand, hoping web 2.0 will go away.

The funny thing was seeing how the traditional Greek media have exactly the same kind of technophobia as the educational establishment. They both fear what they don't know and so despise and denigrate it.

The keynote speaker was Dan Gillmor, a new media evangelist from California who gave a very interesting talk. Much of what he said about listening to your audience and promoting participation reminded me of what you've been saying over the last few years.


Congrats to your brother on the new job and best of luck to him.

Long time no hear from you Craig, and vice versa, too, I'm sure ;-) I hope you're doing well. I think your personal story through the lens shows the importance of harnessing 'amateur' potential asap, providing a platform to those great stories. Alas, it seems Greece is more trad than we thought (that, and jailing plane spotters).

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