June 22, 2009

Addictive beautiful touchpad animated art

I'm in the process of contracting, planning and soft-launching a beautiful web arts platform in my work with Channel 4's Innovation for the Public along with the talented guys at ISO, which will provide a really meaningful and inspiring space, we hope, to learn about and publish one's own art, digital media and films. More on that soon, although you can catch a sneaky peak at our session, The Digital Express, in the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

It means that my eye is increasingly heightened on all things design and artistic, and this has just distracted me, Morgane and Catriona for most of the latter's tea-time. It's one reason to let your two-year-old onto that MacBook Air touchpad. Go on. You know you want to.


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I myself am a young artist at mind and I have just recently started to pick up my old cannon camera and snap a few shots of local bands and the everyday sites, but when it comes to editing, the common answer is photoshop. i think what you're doing is a fresh new idea and i cant wait to hear more about it.


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