January 07, 2010

How To Follow WW2 in 'Real Time' Through Twitter & National Archives

History buffs and all of us who love good, old fashioned, paper data will enjoy following @ukwarcabinet on Twitter, as each day, several times a day, the actual documents tracking the War Cabinet's decisions are opened up by the National Archives in 'real time' (albeit 70 years later).

Ukwarcabinet example Yesterday we learned that "Cabinet meets to discuss Finnish progress against the Russians and the possibility of further assistance http://ow.ly/TglB", the link leading you to the actual minutes from the meeting, pictured.

Superb for history buffs, and an alternative, long-line way of learning in depth the history of the War. So it won't fit within the structures of our hour-by-hour school timetables and 40 hour courses, but I'm real aficionados young and old will latch onto it regardless.

It would be great if the National Archives could somehow let us skip the meaningless 'checkout' for free downloads of PDFs. It'd also be a good idea for them to put some welly behind the marketing - this should have at least the 2,500 followers of Samuel Pepys, and then some.


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