March 04, 2010

Facebook is the new Hoover: Facebook for teacher-parent communication

Facebook to communicate with parents
1 in 5 Glasgow parents wants to be able to communicate with teachers about their children's work via Facebook and other social networking sites, reports the Glasgow Herald.

I think this is potentially an underestimate: there are more than one in five parents in East Lothian, I'd guess, who take advantage of the online 'coverage' of what their kids have been learning at school through the eduBuzz Word Press blogging platform. I'm sure that more than 1 in 5 sets of parents whose classroom teacher has started a learning log wherever they are, check in to see what their child has been doing, or what their teacher is planning.

I wonder, though, whether Facebook (and its verb form) have become the new 'Hoover', the interchangeable Proper/Common noun that has permeated the mainstream so as to mean "communication device", in the same way as "Hoover" is a "cleaning device for the floor".

In Glasgow, this misappropriation and lack of geek jargon to describe the right too for the job is particularly likely. The same day we are told that Glasgow is the UK's least tech-savvy city, with 2% of the population thinking you need special eyes to receive HD TV.


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