May 20, 2010

#BeCuriousTour : US Tour 2010

This September, I'll be hitting the road with Christian Long and Mediasnackers' DK to discover more of the Big Country, offering up masterclasses, talks and meetups. The Be Curious Tour 2010 boys today completed a very productive pre-launch meeting thanks to a pulling a late night (US) + early morning (UK) Skype chat across the Pond.

Why? We're all friends, we're all working at building our own young businesses, and we all share a vision of learning where startups, schools and business have more in common than they think to learn about how to harness digital media such as video games and all the various social media at our disposal.

A call to action

We're interested in hearing from anyone or any organisation who might be on our (rough) route, and who wants to have some professional development masterclasses on social media, digital literacies, digital media creation from tweets to movie-making, how school spaces and technology could be better harnessed, or how school leadership could benefit from thinking more like a startup.

Beturiousteam Who we are

Christian (@christianlong) brings a deep understanding of physical learning environments, technology and how the two intersect on learning. DK (@mediasnackers) has developed a superb reputation in the nonprofit and business sector for his understanding of how we can build and harness our digital footprints to benefit ourselves and those around us. I bring ten years of education practice, action research and policy work, blended with the past three years of building and guiding startups through from ideation to execution to nearly $5m of investment, and leading the building of communities in education (TeachMeet, MFLE) and the creative industries (38minutes, Digital Dockyard).

Follow our preps and the trip

There's a Be Curious Tour Facebook page if you want to get our updates there, the hashtag on Twitter (#becurioustour) will allow you to track our movements, our thoughts and, vitally, share your own.

Basically, we want to open up this tour from East to West, by giving lots of ways to follow, share ideas and let interested folk connect with us to set up specific events, coast to coast.

Please stay tuned.  Lots of content + daydreaming, + strategic business to be added week-by-week.

Thanks to my compatriots for the lovely start! If the tour's as exciting as it's been pulling it together, then we're all going to have rather a lot of stretching, productive fun.


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It's all very exciting... :-)

where do we sign-up for the Be-Curious Tour to see you when you are in our town? thanks

The dates are all right here:

is curious, an interesting blog, thanks.

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