July 14, 2005

That awkward first post

Every blogger has that moment - the first post. Although I've been running many blogs and an award-winning school website for the past 18 months I haven't ever had to write a particularly awkward first post until now; in school things seem to be so frenetic that blogs get set up in the thick of the action and start running.

Well, starting a blog in the twelve minutes it takes my farfalle to cook al dente is probably not the best way to go about things, but, hey, it's the holidays still and this is about as much free time I've felt like spending on the blog today. And it's given a novel category for my first post.

In ten days I start a new job, forfeiting my seven weeks of summer holidays in a bid to blogify Scottish education within the year. Who knows if it'll work!

I'm going to show folk who are interested how to set up an educationally valuable weblog so that their students can start their own, too (or 'pupils' as we call them here - 'student' implies 'study', which is a verb not always associated to a certain stratum of 'pupil'). It is the mission of this blog to inspire teachers to inspire their pupils/students/pets to get blogging, having conversations and finding out the meaning of whatever it is whose meaning is not clear.

And why not start by working out that last paragraph...? If you don't know, you can leave a comment for me by clicking 'Comments' on any of the posts in this blog.

Go forth, and blog!


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