August 20, 2005

First Podcast from space...

As the project I am working on struggles to get its first podcasting trials together NASA have shown how it can be done with the first ever podcast from the final frontier: space. They might be ripped for slipshod work on getting the shuttle back home in one piece, but well done on the podcast, guys.

Whether it constitutes a podcast, I'm not sure: there's no RRS with enclosures to get this on iTunes and it's only got the one episode. But I don't want to take away from the fact that this is seriously cool.

Maybe NASA have found one good reason to get another crew up there soon. We want episode 2!

UPDATE: And in the classroom...
At first it's not clear how this podcacst could be used in any classroom other than one where lessons on podcasts are being given. But then, right at the very end, the link between what space travel is all about and what language learning is all about is made. We must show our students over the horizon and then real learning can begin:

" At any rate I will close this very brief first podcast from space with a greeting to all Earthings and a thank you for your interest and support. Whether you support the space program or not, you're learning from it. You're learning from it the very moment you hear this and think about what we're doing. And I think that learning is what looking over the horizon is all about, and don't forget that learning can be exciting and fun, too, because that's certainly what this mission has been all about."

Here, here.


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