August 28, 2005

MyBBCPlayer: Live TV on the internet

In the same month that the BBC are launching elements of their Digital Archive, BBC Director General Mark Thompson (pictured) reveals the next stage in the corporation's bid to keep its licence fees rolling in._40061860_dg_203
From next year, hopefully, either BBC1 or BBC2 will be 'simulcast' on the internet and the TV, using a new free product MyBBCPlayer. More is promised when the analogue system is switched off for good.

And in the classroom
With software available for recording live streaming video and audio, such as World TV and WM/RM Recorder for TV, or Audio Hijack just for streaming radio, it is already possible to get a reasonable range of foreign language TV recorded into digital format to your computer's hard disk - if you have a PC, and not a Mac.

That means tonnes of existing foreign language programmes are available to record onto your hard disk, ready for tomorrow's class: the weather forecast, the news, the footy results from Italy...

The BBC's overnight programming of modern languages learning shows will be even more accessible than they are at the moment. There is also the chance that the viewer will end up having more control over when these programmes can be watched, removing the need for recording programmes at 2am. This is what TiVo already offers to those whi can afford it.

But while we're at it: anyone know a WM/RM Recorder for Mac?


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