August 18, 2005

No more splling errors: "Blogger, meet Word"

Via Will, who's got a few interesting posts this morning, Blogger have announced their latest gizmo. T Blogger add-on for Microsoft Word allows you to type up in Word, click one button and publish direct to your blog. No more logging in, no more create a new post... just type and click.

And in the classroom...
For foreign languages or English, just make sure the language settings are right for you. Every spelling error or grammar nightmare is highlighted in Word's reassuring wobbly line. Now when students publish they cannot be picked up for their spelling errors. Others will have to pick them up on what it was they were actually trying to say in the first place.

So much easier, too, to get your work published - formatting and all.


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Safari spell checks as I type in forms, here is a
wee screen shot
Right (control) click - spelling - Check Spelling as You Type. As one of the worst spellers currently teaching, I find this really useful.

Ilike to study the way of spelling extremly Ineed hlep.with my best regards

Hi I would like to learn the english splling .If you dont mained telling me the right way .I will be so pleased ...
best regards

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