September 17, 2005

BBC Digital Archive... and Teachers TV for download

The BBC Creative Archive is finally on the move, adding a range of downloadable library clips to the material teachers might consider using in their lessons. A nice alternative to clipart or a welcome addition to a lesson on Hamlet. But I have mentioned this before. What is interesting is the competition they are running for any youff looking to make it as a VJ (Video Jockey, like a DJ but on the box). They provide clips and Creative Commons music that young aspiring VJs mix and share. There's a cool prize, too, for the winner: VJ-creating equipment and the chance to VJ live on the Beeb.

Of great interest for CPD-hungry teachers (that Continuing Professional Development) you can now download over 400 programmes from a growing selection on the Teacher TV Video Archive. You can search by subject and find some gems to help get into the classrooms of colleagues the land over.

From the BFI's contribution of silent comedy to the Creative Archive Group:


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