September 20, 2005

Blogs mistake-free, mainstream media full of it

As Blogger launched its Blogging for Microsoft Word the birth of a new era of spling mstke free blogging was begun. However, it doesn't mean that those using spell checks should rest on their laurels - you've got to know your stuff, too.

The Independent, one of Britain's leading newspapers (although that's about to be put into question), recently did a feature on good websites, reports BoingBoing. You'll see me quote a fair bit from BoingBoing, a website from the States with funny and interesting tidbits from around the world.

Well, the Independent not only spelled the name in the headline (BoinBoing), and in the website URL ( but also included a screenshot of the misspellt BoinBoing in its article. The screenshot shows one of those sites that internet parasites put up when you type in the wrong address. I'm sure you'll agree that BoinBoing is certainly not "a directory of wonderful things".

I'll not be going to the Indy for my tech news, that's for sure.



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