October 05, 2005

101 edublogs Posts

They say that podcasters and bloggers have egos that need massaged. They're probably right. Just indulge me. 101 posts and 10 weeks into edublogging and I am pretty happy with the amount I have learnt from having conversations with fellow free thinkers and edubloggers. About 4442 page views have hopefully informed the readers / listeners, too. Yes, including you, mum. Most of the ones I have had a good conversation with are now in my blogrolls, those links of people on the right-hand sidebar.

I've also managed to get my first podcasts out there (is The edublogs Podcast on iTunes yet?) and have had some pleasant remarks (worryingly about my 'cute' accent more than the content... what did y'all think of the content???). I've even managed to read for and write some beta chapters of the research I started on constructive collaborative learning using social software, particularly using blogs and podcasts.

Where next? Well, why not tell me with a comment or a mail what you have liked on this blog and what you have liked less? What made you laugh and what brought you close to tears - or tearing your hair out?

Thanks for letting me clog up your Bloglines once more, guys!

UPDATE: I've obviously misread the comment that was made on someone else's blog about having to "wake up and smell the coffee" on how applicable blogs could ever be in Scottish schools. Apologies made, hopefully accepted. Glad to see, though, that blogging is at least pushing some interesting questions to the fore, especially about the changes in boundaries of the classroom and home or the workplace and personal opinion. Still not worked out where I stand on that one.


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You've only been "clogging up" my bloglines account for a couple of weeks so I don't have all that much to go on. Haven't got round to the podcats yet, but I I look forward to having you on my ipod on the way to work (but won't make any comments on the cute accent because I'm guessing that mine is identical). What I'm enjoying most is the school perspective on blogging since I work in HE: similar problems, different motivations.

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