October 08, 2005

MFLE at the Institut Français

I spent two days this week making presentations at the Institut Français in Edinburgh, next to the Consulate, about the MFLE. I was meeting about 150 Foreign Languages Assistants (FLAs) during the day. I am determined to get as many of these essential personnel involved in the project to support languages teachers. They've got the time and the enthusiasm to tell it how it is, and give advice to us teachers on what they need and what they are capable of doing. It's a group that often is underused (or overused for no extra credit) and so we're going to produce some video diaries and a blog, of course, so that some of them can record their thoughts. Above all, their experiences will now be able to help future FLAs more than ever before.

Pictured is the wonderful view from the Institut, over the North of Edinburgh. If ever you get invited to a buffet there, GO! Great food, great wine and just a touch of real class. Merci à tous à l'Institut!



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