October 08, 2005

National Poetry Day Blogging

The fact that there are so many categories attached to this post show how worthwhile and all-encompassing John's kids' poetry work has been at Sandaig Primary this past week. Pupils aged 6-10 celebrated national poetry day by writing 150 verses of poetry in a couple of hours. They also did a poets' podcast of some of the verses from the classes. Well done, kids. Well done, John, on convincing your Head Teacher of the educational benefits of letting you out of timetable for a day to help them get the fruits of their labour online. A real success that can be emulated in any school.


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To the Poets of Sandaig Primary:

Your amazing poetry, which I have just listened to was absolutely brilliant.

I want to say well-done to all of you. Keep dreaming, keep writing...

Carol Fuller
Georgia USA

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