December 10, 2005

eduBlogsPodcast 8: Scottish Borders' First Podcsat

This was the first time that I had been given an hour with a group to show them what podcasting was, get them to see why it might be useful for them in the MFL classroom and then actually get them making their first podcast. It's a rough edit, but I reckon it's pretty damned good. You can listen to this short podcast by clicking the file below or you can subscribe to all future eduBlogsPodcast by searching for us in iTunes, under the term edublogs.

Well done guys!

Download eduBlogsPodcast8borders.mp3


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Pretty good, as you say. I need some basic info on this: where is the podcast "held" so that I can access it from here? ie when you make a recording, to where is it uploaded so that it can be linked to in this way?
Could this be done with the mike in my computer? and after recording, what needs to be done to the result? (If this is a long answer, is it already available somewhere for me to look at?)

1. The MP3 file that we made is held on my Typepad server (the people who host my blog).

2. By being posted on my blog it is automatically twinned up with some special code so that people can get it on iTunes.

3. To post it on any blog you just 'add file' when creating a post. It's a bit like attaching a file to an email.

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