December 11, 2005

iRiver moments: Mena's got the Trotts

Using the iRiver to record seminars has been highly useful for me and for those who've been able to share them through the eduBlogsPodcasts. Occasionally, though, I manage to mess it up and only catch part of the seminar. In the following case I managed to record only four seconds of material during Mena Trott's speech to the masses at Les Blogs 2.0.

Mena_trott_cofounder_and_president_of_siBut what a four seconds. This IS the moment where she implodes at the "bullshit" that the BBC's Ben Metcalfe and others have been putting on the backchannel. Great fun these iRivers, and so intelligent to pick up the only interesting thing in Mena's entire speech.

Good to see, though, that Ben has found something else to divert the attention and that, according to Mena, they are best of mates, now. Boo. It was fun while it lasted.

Importantly, it did push the whole thing of accountability onto the agenda. In education it's one of the raison d'être of blogging: to make pupils think about what it is they are writing and whether it stands up. It's just a shame that Mena's speech didn't really stand up to the scrutiny of the backchannel, or she would have made some good points, I'm sure.

Download menatrottlosesit.mp3 and catch that moment again!

The full speech is here in video.


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