December 19, 2005

Riya - Flickr with face recognition

One of my friendliest new contacts was HorsePigCow blogger and PR person Tara Hunt from Riya. She has just posted these screenshots of the Riya interface to her Flickr account. They give a good idea of how the online service is going to pick out the facial features of the person you are looking for to find all the photos around of that person. This is even when you've had as many hairstyles and colours as Tara. Can't wait for it to work on a Mac.


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I'm participing in the alpha test of Riya and I've posted a feedback of my first tests in november :

Sorry for my poor english but I'm french....

David Castera rocks. He's been an amazing alpha tester.

Yes, I can't wait for the Mac version. I miss your accent! How are things back home?

Things are busy, Tara, but I'm having a hoot in work. We've been working hard to create lots of better Web 2.0 work for the kids ("Children are our future, and let them lead the way..." ;-)

Can't wait to see Flock and Riya working in harmony (hope they will) so that I can have something concrete to whet the appetites of 800,000 kids and big kids here.

How's Tara? Been stuck in any lifts recently?

Alas, nothing that exciting on this side of the pond...;)

Keep up your awesome work! You'll have to send me any and all of your podcasts someday soon so I can hear that saucy voice of yours...;)

(egad, I just realized...I'm flirting in a comment modern...)

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