December 13, 2005

Shooting from the hip: Peter sums it up

Peter Ford sums up perfectly what Web 2.0 is all about when you're trying to work things out, and how important it is to take words in context. And reminds me that a trip to Brissie is well overdue for some of that "amber nectar":

Dscn1247But the web is different and seems to somehow add more weight to disagreements. However, we should not be afraid of shooting our ideas from the hip, of showing our thinking in progress on the blog as well as our finished masterpieces. This is actually creativity and accountability in action because people can respond to what is written with their own ideas, questions and feedback. We should also not be afraid to robustly defend what we believe or to ask questions of others when we feel we have been wronged. The freedom to do both of these things is what will break us out of the edu-blogging echo chamber and allow us have ultimately productive conversations. Flaming may be something we want to avoid but let's not replace it with a civility that is based on a measured blandness.


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I'll show you what the real meaning of spat is if you keep that hideous picture of me in your post ;-)

I couldn't ever delete an item from a post - it's against my blogging ethics (he said as his head disappeared further.......)

For me it is just a question of civility and good manners... ;-) I'm scouring the Net as we speak for images of you to see how sweet revenge can be ;-) Failing that I'll just contact your mother for an old school photo. I know she reads your blog and has her own. Perhaps she could post a wee picture of you as a lad...

Peter, you never know what might happen if you look at my blog for today - for it's actually your own I'm referring to and you could maybe enlighten me!

Interesting questions on your blog. I finally got around to replying on my blog.

Response on yours now - thanks!

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