December 12, 2005

Yes, but no, but yes, but... What was that all about?

The 12 hour spat seems over. Is this comment on James' blog an Aussie's way of saying he got it wrong? I'm still confused:

Ewan, I’ve been reading ya because I like what you have to say… this isn’t me, um, jerking on you… I actually liked what you had to say but had pretty much written this by then… and y’know how it is… just a more general light hearted whinge!

Which is, after all, my perogative and I’ll stand by it… not sure I’d take too much notice of accountable, polite Mena though.

So this guy's perogative is to shoot people on his blog and ask questions later?

But I do definitely appreciate that the big boys actually took any notice of blogs being used in education, as peter says in the post linked to above, surprising how little so many people care!

Yeah, and my panel and I helped get 400 more of the Big Boys (and Girls) to care more. Next question!


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Hi Ewan,
Interesting life you lead, sort of blogs imitating conference here;-)
I've been enjoying/trying to keep up with your posts from Les Blogs which have are thought provoking.
I am sure there is a link between online disagreement, niceness, accountability and the attitude we might be trying to install in children blogging.
BTW I though that the black was moody french existentialist rather than grumpy teen.

That's the first time I've laughed out loud all day. Thanks, John!

I think it just might be a wee backtrack .....;_p

I think the new colours are horrible... Oops that's a bit rude isn't it? {David resists the temptation to stand up and say, "No, I'm dotSparticus!" and tries again...}

I think the new colours are mean and moody, much like your new picture. {Rats! Being rude again. Third time lucky...}

I think your new colours are black and yellow. :-)

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