December 13, 2005

Yiipee Yiibu

At Les Blogs I had the pleasure of making friends with Stephanie Rieger (who I found in the conference room through the marvels of blog and email - geotagging hasn't got it down to a conference room seat, though).

Stephanie works in Yiibu, an open source company in Vancouver that shares its work through a shareable and remixable Creative Commons licence. What's cool about it? It uses the gaming and audio tools that our kids are increasingly smuggling into the classroom to teach them anything under the sun.

Paris_stackAs a French teacher I am particularly fond the stack of slides for PSP that takes you on a tour of Paris. There's even a telephone guide to tropical fish for your Nokia.

I look forward to perhaps working with Stephanie and Yiibu way over there in Vancouver to create some language-specific resources. If they can provide the tech we would be more than happy to provide some content. Best of all, through their share and remix licence I look forward to getting some kids playing with their content and creating some new mobile phone, PSP or iPod content. That's give something for the iPodagogers to get down to this Christmas!

Stephanie models her PSP with its Paris tour - highly cool.


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I saw this and have the fish on my iPod.
But I keep thinking stacks = HyperCard. Even the wee pic of the stack looks like a HC stack icon.
Apple might have missed a trick there, HyperCard on an iPod would be a tasty combo.
FWIW it might be a snip to create a SuperCard project that would produce this type of stuff and load it on your iPod.

It's worth a try. What I like about Yiibu's work is that it's so clean and well-produced, ready-to-go. Best of all it's CC, shareable and remixable. We like that, so we do.

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