January 13, 2006

Jordanhill University of Strathclyde Gig

Had a nervy start to my lecture at Jordanhill - not really the kind of thing you want to be doing when you're talking about having conversations through blogs and podcasts. It was so difficult to know the level of knowledge and interest of this large group. I hope everyone learned something new and at least might go off and find out more on blogging.

Anyway, I'm going to put up a cleaned up version version of the presentation here over the weekend. In the meantime, here are some links to get you started. I'm sure other bloggers will add their links below. Please do leave a comment to let me know if things were OK and ask any questions you have.

Modern Foreign Languages Environment advice on language blogging. Podcast guide coming soon.

LT Scotland's Jargon Buster

Blogger - good for teacher blogs

Edublogs.org - good for free learner blogs

EdCompBlog - David Muir's very own

Skype for making free calls - try calling me by clicking the Skype button on the right column.

An example of Flickr to improve WRITING - yes, photos can help writing in English or in a foreign language. Great if kids have projects to do.

Don't forget to take a look at the other great blogs in my blogroll (down the right-hand column). Some good reading of teacher and student work to be had there.

Update: View the Jordanhill lecture screencast here.


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Hi Ewan. I just wanted to thank you. Your blog really helps me to find my way around in the blogging world. Best wishes and hope to see you soon on the French blog.

Hi Ewan. I just wanted to thank you. Your blog really helps me to find my way around in the blogging world. Best wishes and hope to see you soon on the French blog.

Your presentation at Jordanhill this morning was much appreciated, Ewan. Besides the interesting content, it's refreshing to see someone actually using PowerPoint (as opposed to projecting lists of bullet points). Full marks!

I really enjoyed the presentation on Friday. It was a refreshing approach and it was great to see powerpoint used so well. It was a shame time was so limited but it has inspired me to find out how I can make better use of technology in my subject area.

Hi Ewan,

The Pink student teacher blogger here.

Very sorry to hear that I missed your lecture on Friday morning, I was in bed with the flu. Looking forward to seeing it on the site, in the next day or so.
Got to love blogging.

Hi Lesley,
I felt terrible for naming and shaming you (well, it was David did it really ;-) When I saw on your blog afterwards that you were krank David and I immediately thought of writing a post to apologise in public. Anyway, I'll make sure I get my skates on with the online lecture. Not as easy as it sounds....

I am gutted that I missed my 2 minutes of Fame!!! I actually would have probably gone bright red, had I been there!!!!! It is all quite amusing....and to think...I started this whole blogging thing to get a piece of chocolate from David. LOL

Ewan, You asked for feedback on your lecture at Jordanhill on Friday. I was a bit disappointed. I'd thought that a two hour ICT session on the internet & blogs would at least have made it clear to the clueless how they should go about creating a blog with their pupils. I still have no idea, except that we can do it in word (but then what??!). In any case, I can't quite shake off the view that blogs are a bit like radio phone-ins (more often than not, you have to listen for more time than you've got to hear anything worthwhile). Long live books & peer-reviewed journals! (And no, I don't look at the number & dates of library stamps to see whether a book is relevant to my course, nor do I assume that it's worth reading in virtue of the fact that someone thought it was worth publishing: try reading the introduction & checking out the index!).

But your powerpoint kicks ass!

Thanks Ewan for a zappy, bullet-point free, lecture which has started me on this blogging trip. Just as i'm catching up with technology it seems to run off again.
Enjoyed the french,(french mother lives in Glasgow) and while I can think and speak in french fluently, the grammar has gone completely....hence written in English

Obviously Julie knows how to use a library - many of our students openly admitted that they don't do things that way and I know most of our school kids don't either, hence the importance of social bookmarking and recommendations of reading through blogs.

And that's the main point: blogs recommend reading that IS worthwhile. Hopefully you might value what is said in this blog and the comments throughout it. Hopefully you value the links I put in. In this way your online reading will be just as informative and trustworthy as your offline reading.

With any luck, anyway!

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