January 28, 2006

Scottish? Educator? Blogger? Add yourself to ScotEduBlog Wiki

There are many blogs which exist already trying to map out Scottish blogging or UK educational blogging but none, so far, that have tried to map out the rapidly growing community of Scottish Edubloggers. After the apparent success of our small community's badgering away the time has come to try and keep tabs before things get out of control.

If you are a Scottish Edublogger, using a blog to keep reflections on education or running blogs with your classes, add yourself to the ScotEduBlog wiki. It's quite easy to use but, should you have any problems, navigate your way back to this blog post (bookmark the Permalink now) and leave a comment. I'll put you right.


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Do educators who've stopped count??

Old educators never die... they just lose their class. :-)

As long as you still talK about education, you do!

Ok - Argyll & Bute seem not to have anything. What now? How do I add myself to it?

On a wiki anyone can add a page by editing the navigation bar and adding one through that - it's quite straightforward. What I will do, though, is create a page for every Authority area.

I think I'm unworthy - my entry vanished into the ether :-(

Yeah, it happened to me with links a couple of times. Always a good idea on a wiki to copy what you've written before you press save page.

I hope non-Scots would be allowed entry too.

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