February 22, 2006

dgsPodcast auf Deutsch

I've been podcasting today with 19 students of German in my alma mater, Dunoon Grammar School. They were fantastic and the podcast can be viewed (it's integrated) online or downloaded to your hard disk from this link:

Download dgs_podcast.m4a

You can also search in the iTunes Podcast Directory for the edublogs podcast.

Leave your comments for the students below - it's their first podcast ever.

The students enjoyed their day having had no knowledge of iRivers, iTunes, Garageband or Macs before 9am this morning. By 1pm Natasha and Laura were setting themselves up for a job at the Beeb with many others chasing their tails. Production standards Aunty would be proud of, and all of that after a 5 minute demo from their teacher of a morning.

Well done, guys!

Here are some of their comments from the day:
I thought today was great. My favourite part of it was when we recorded ourselves. I think that my German has improved as I have learned new words from everyone. The worst part was the end.

Today was really interesting and a lot of fun. My favourite part was when it was all put together. I think my German has improved.

I thought today was really good and interesting. It was something we wouldn’t usually get a chance to do. My favourite part of the day was when we put the translation over the English because it sounded really impressive. I think my German has improved.

It was difficult asking people for a very short interview in a very short time when they were too embarrassed to do it.

I have enjoyed today a lot and think my German has improved because I had to improvise when the recording went wrong. The best thing was recording with my friends because it was fun. The worst thing was the time limit because ours would have been better if we’d had slightly more time. But the worst thing was evened out by all the other fun things throughout the day!

I really enjoyed today. I had a lot of fun and think my German has improved a little because it is easier to speak normally in German. The worst thing was it was a bit short. I would rather it be a longer period of time. But other than that it was excellent.

I liked today because it was interactive and interesting and we worked as a team. I feel my German has improved as it wasn’t repetitive and routine as usual.

I thought today was really fun. I think my German has improved as I picked up vocabulary from everyone’s recordings. The best part was hearing our own discussions on the computer. The worst part was the end.

I liked working with friends.

The best part for me was recording with my group.

Today was really good! My favourite part was getting to interview the teachers. I learnt new vocabulary and also learnt about podcasts. It was really good!

I thought today was really good and great fun. I really enjoyed interviewing the teachers and then translating it all. I learnt some new German and learnt about making podcasts. Today was great. Thanks!

Today was great! My favourite part was interviewing the teachers and finding out their hobbies was very interesting. I think my German has improved and I’ve learnt about podcasts and what they are.

I thought today was interesting. I lied working with the equipment – I didn’t dislike anything. I definitely think it improved my German.

I was with my friends and it was fun to do. The worst parts were when I couldn’t stop laughing during the recording and that it lasted not as long as I thought it would. I think it did improve my Deutsch and I’ll be a bit more relaxed when it comes to speaking tests in future.


It helped improve our teamwork and our German. We also learned how to work new things like the iRivers and the Mac. The worst bit was having to do the speaking because if you made one mistake you would have to do it again.


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Well I have to say this is impressive. What outstanding comments from the students! I love Stefan's ending line "The worst part was the end." I may have to borrow that - giving him credit, of course! I can tell how much German was learned! Boy do I wish I would have had such tools available for me when I was learning French! All the students picked up on such relevant and interesting points - very helpful for those of us who wish to learn more about podcasting. Bravo, Ewan! You continue to do outstanding work!

Congrats to all involved - as I'm in New Zealand right now I'll have to wait till I'm back in Dunoon to hear the podcast. Something to brighten my return to chilly weather! But you comments alone show how hard you've all worked. Is that Stevan G??

You can listen to it (and see it) no problem by clicking the link on this page.

Nope - this PC (not a Mac, alas) doesn't have the software and I don't want to complicate our host's life!

Good to know that things have gone really well at DGS - well done Ewan.
I look forward to viewing the podcast when we get home.

Well done you all! As your teacher I was really proud of you all! You really threw yourselves into this and achieved fantastic results! A first podcast for DGS... and auf Deutsch!

Congratulations to all involved in the podcast. I thought that production values were excellent. Delivery of content was well paced, and a range of language skills were exhibited. I will definately let my pupils listen in...I'm sure they will pick up some new phrases.

Great podcasting! Congratulations to all the speakers and to you, Ewan, for another successful project!
Viele Gruesse aus Slowenien!

Well done to all at DGS and to Ewan! I too cannot access due to a horrid PC but nevertheless, I am glad it went well!

Hey - Anita stole my comment! That was mine


Great podcast - I enjoyed listening to it and also reading the really postive comments from pupils at DGS. I look forward to being able to do a similar project with my kids.

Looking forward to working with you, too. Should be great fun.

I have a media centre which is only 1 year old yet have never ever managed to listen to a podcast through these links. Today for the first time a message appeared about software needing updating which it proceeded to do automatically before flashing up the message that no update was available. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

Hmm. Make sure you have Quicktime installed. It might be that in the school such files are blocked as their content might be harmful to you. I'm sure the DGS pupils don't think their content is harmful - but then again, some might disagree! ;-)

Back with my Mac, I can at last listen to the posdcast. Despite my not speaking German, I found I could understand most of it - very clear diction helped. My belated congratulations.
As for harmful content - what about that sinister male voice speaking in English in the background of the second half? :-)

brilliant day. i learned loads of new german and i did so in a fun way, thanks Ewan.

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