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February 28, 2006

ESL / EAL Blogs - any examples?

Barbara My Greek colleagues Barbara started blogging last November as part of the ECML Blogs Project. Having known nothing about blogging she is now an ardent blogger and moblogger (she journalled the school trip to Holland) and is even talking about it at a TESOL conference in Greece. She has seen the light.

Barbara is now looking for some other examples of English as a Second Language (ESL) Tim, the Teacher in Development and the LanguageLabUnleashed girls make a good starting point but might have more suggestions to add to the comments here.

eTwinning Podcasts - Help coming soon!

I can see a large number of eTwinners from Edinburgh's workshop have been coming through to the blog from the eTwinning blog. I am in the process of putting together some advice and links to free software to help you, and others, out with podcasting.

Perhaps, though, some of my readers from around the world can help fill in gaps. If you are making a podcast, what are your favourite tools and tips and how-tos? Feel free to include a link to your blog in the comments.

To start off, you can find links to downloading Audacity and LAME MP3 converter in this other post I wrote.

February 27, 2006


Via Wes I've come across FLAppr, a great mashup between Flickr photosharing and Flash, the animation tool. It allows the user to click the flag of any country in the world (Scotland has a separate mention) and then see a selection of photos tagged with the country name, all within the same window.

I can see geographers getting excited about this, as well as Primary school colleagues. As a Modern Linguist the uses are endless in helping share the sights of the countries where the languages are spoken.

February 26, 2006

Podcasting like crazy

P1010005 This week has been crazy in more ways than one. I travelled around 2400 miles to work with students in junior secondary, Head Teachers and international trip facilitators in London and teachers from around the EU in Edinburgh. I ended up in Fort William, up in the Highlands, talking to educators there about the advnatages of registering at the MFLE. This week, my ScottishDailyPhoto site and Flickr photo stream are really worth a look. The scenery has been breathtaking all week long.

P1010008 The podcasts that made it onto to the blog here are well worth a listen, especially when you consider that not one of the people involved had ever made a podcast before. They learnt what it was, how to find free music, record using computers and iRivers, edit using Audacity, convert to MP3 using LAME and podcast their files with Typepad in just one and a half hours. Incredible.

P1010050_2 The German podcast students did the same and wrote a 12 minute podcast entirely auf Deutsch in just two and a half hours. The atmosphere in the classroom was more like the recording studio atmosphere that Clarence describes: intense, not restricted by time, students wanting to work more and for longer periods of time. Since when have kids wanted to do that with 'normal' classwork? I seriously reckon the digital divide between our digital natives and digital immigrants is beginning to reduce in terms of technical ease. After listening to their work would you agree? More importantly, if it's easier for all concerned can this become the 'normal' classwork our students crave?

Pictures: The Scottish Borders (1), on the way to London (2) and then up North to the Highlands and Fort William (3): 2400miles.

February 25, 2006

Edinburgh Farewell

Download edinburghfarewell.mp3

Hope this works! Stay in touch, Jonathan & Leonora

February 24, 2006

Friday in Edinburgh

This is Jukka, Elaine and Fiona discussing current eTwinning projects in their schools. (Music by Elaine!)

Download elaine-jukka-fiona.mp3

Edinburgh Talks

Sixty seconds in Edinburgh. What does your city mean to you ?

Nelly , Meeri, ClaiDownload edinburgh.mp3 re and Sarah investigate...

eTwinning Add

We produced an eTwinning commercial for podcasting. Love, Griet, Ingrid and Tiina.Download etwinning.mp3

etwinning McIntosh's test

Hi from Edinburgh. Here are the latest podcasts from eTwinning.

Download enthralledteachers.mp3

eTwinning Podcasting

Etwinning_small_logo_on_website Today I am working with around 50 educators from around the European Union to show them how podcasting is a great way for schools in different parts of the world to stay in touch, opening up another medium in addition to email and even blogs. These are all current eTwinners looking for new ways to liven up or continue their links stronger than before.

We'll be creating some simple podcasts and then posting them here, so be prepared for a Bloglines/iTunes traffic jam. Apologies, but the casts should be quite interesting coming from such a diverse range of people.

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