March 15, 2006

Chats by the pond?

Darren Kuropatwa, Wesley Friar, Miguel Guhlin and I are planning to do another international skypecast (including participants in Scotland, Canada, and the U.S.) this Thursday, March 16th at 2:30 pm central time, 20.30 GMT. The podcast will be made available here afterwards.

We are again using a wiki to collaborate not only on our scheduled date/time, but also to discuss what questions we’ll address. If you missed our first skypecast from January 13, 2006, it is available as “Podcast29: Thinking Critically About Web 2.0.”

We’ll again be shooting for the skypecast to last around an hour. The questions we are thinking about addressing at this point are:

  • Is there hope for systemic school reform in the United States? Elsewhere in the world?
  • Should schools repurpose their existing educational technology budgets, which largely serve now to support a traditional transmission-based model (pedagogy) of instruction?
  • David Warlick talks about telling a new story. I’d like to see us more clearly define it. Is this new future just an amalgamation of new, untried solutions (e.g. digital storytelling, blogging, podcasting, wikis, etc)? How do these fundamentally transform teaching, learning and leadership aside from serving as a big distraction?
  • How can you or I be symbols of hope and light in an increasingly darkening world that has lost its enthusiasm for expensive technology initiatives?
  • How can we transform the landscape from our unique perspectives in higher ed, adult ed, K-12 and central administration?

Wes has created a short online survey I invite you to take to weigh-in on which questions we should address. It will just take a few minutes to complete– and we’ll use the survey results in deciding what we’ll talk about in the skypecast!

Also, if you want, feel free to edit our interactive skypecast wiki page and add some questions of your own. And for goodness sake, help us find a cool name for the podcast.

You also can make suggestions at the end of this online survey. :-)


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