March 03, 2006

Communicate.06 - the conference begins

Communicate06logo_tcm4315365Communicate.06 is ready for action, starting March 18 2006. This is an ICT Conference with an emphasis on language teaching and learning, whether that is English or a foreign language. There is a limit on the number who can attend in person and this is close to 'selling out' (we're giving the conference for free to state school teachers). I'm overjoyed to see so many teachers opting into sessions on Blogging and Podcasting.

But the whole conference will be made available online. That means that anyone can access the conference podcasts, notes and overviews of different technologies in the Conference Website. Through our Newsblog you can ask for help or offer your own ideas for lessons. Subscribe to the mflePodcast through iTunes to get the conference as it comes out.

After the conference day any teacher working in Scotland can gain online support through the MFLE Forums (you have to register first).

Much of the conference will be blogged here, and on the blogs of participants and speakers. The speakers include:

Pupilswithlaptop_tcm4314336 Peter Ford: Our keynote speaker
John Johnston: Primary blogger and podcaster extraordinaire
Lynne Horn: Head of Language Faculty in a rural area, blogging with the ECML
David Muir: Teacher trainer exploiting the web's secrets
Mark Pentleton: runs digital video and animation projects in the West of Scotland
Shona Stables: Interactive Whiteboard Wizard
Maureen Gilchrist: MFL teacher who pioneered use of MP3 recorders in the classroom
Vivien Bruce and Kay McMeekin: Two experienced teachers within the PiE project showing the uses of ComicLife for language learning.
...and me.

The word 'speaker' is a bit grand. All these sessions are collaborative and should offer plenty of chances to discuss issues of using the technology in lessons.

We'll have a conference-wide WiFi network and laptops available to borrow throughout the day. And lunch is free.

Ain't we nice?
If you're talking about the conference please tag everything communicate.06

Download the Communicate.06 programme as a pdf


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This is so exciting! Wow, the conference is free as well as online. "Ain't we nice? doesn't say it all. You all are the best! I can't wait!

"We'll have a conference-wide WiFi network and laptops available to borrow throughout the day."

Bit confused here. I was planning to give the "speakers" my attention and keep my surfing for home. Smiley emoticon!

As I said, the participants will be participating throughout the whole day, offline and online. The difference between traditional conferences and this one is that in traditional conferences you would be expected to give undivided attention to a speaker. In technology like this the power comes from participation and collaboration, the speaker being a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage.

I'm sure Peter Ford is flattered by the link to (website of Glenn Ford's son), but his best URL is :)

I'll be following the conference online with interest!

What a mistake! I must have been sleeping when I was doing that.

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