March 20, 2006

Over The Pond And Through The Fiber

I'm the last one of the boys to put up a link to the international skypecast that Wes, Darren, Miguel and I held last week, along with Mark and Jeff from the Washington area of the US. Truly 'Over the pond and through the fiber" (although I think my Skype must go through a satellite at one point).

David Warlick, whose 'new story' on transformative technologies we were trying to understand, has already posted his own response and podcast reflection on our own discussions. I'll get round to reading, listening and responding later this morning.

What we've all established is that, amongst all these tools, it's really the teacher that makes the difference. This was also the central point appreciated by everyone at the Communicate.06 conference this weekend in Stirling, also the reason I've not been blogging as much this past wee while. Most teachers could get what we're talking about. I think I'll be looking at what we can now do action-wise to get more teachers actually doing it for themselves (there's a song in there, no?).

More later.


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I really enjoyed your thoughts in this skypecast and can't help but think that the problem is going to be how we can get the message out. I think the answer is finding a way that teachers will become bloggers and or podcasters. How do you do that? hmmm

Well, we've managed to create about 100 new converts to the power of social technology and a good number of them are now blogging, podcasting or about to get their kids to do it in class. You do it through passion, getting likeminded people together and the peer pressure and passion from their colleagues helps push things along.

Roll on the next 100...

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