April 27, 2006

eLive! - getting closer

eLive!, the ICT event of Edinburgh City Council for its educators, is approaching this May. Will Richardson is amongst the keynotes, and I'm trying to find a suitable date around that time to have ScotEduBlogger meetup in Edinburgh, and show Will what IPA is. The Jolly Judge with its wifi, IPA and Guinness seems like a good place.

I'll be giving two talks, one each day:

Blogs and podcasts: the learner is the resource
Use the technology the kids use already to motivate and provide a worldwide audience for what they can create.

Putting the Communication in ICT
A look through the technologies that can excite learners in Modern Foreign Languages.

For those of you who have heard bits and versions of these talks already, is there anything I could do to improve them?


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Wifi and Guinness! A ScotEduBlogger meetup sounds fun. FWIW Wednesday would be good for me as I am doing a turn at eLive on Wednesday.
(I've still got a Guinness fuelled idea we had a while back festering in my back brain...)

We'll do it, we'll do it... I'll pass a call to Starbucks... ;-)

Actually, we have just started lately in Qatar to use the ICT sstem in developing educatioin process, along with major and darastic education reforms in both k-12 education and also by inviting high class International best colleges and universities in house instead of sending qataris abroad

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