April 27, 2006


I've been working with some great kids at Firrhill High School in Edinburgh, looking for yet another example of how podcasting can help motivate a class with mixed feelings about French. They can leave a comment if they like here, in fact, to say what they thought of planning, writing, scripting, recording, cutting and premiering this first Firrhill Podcast.

BBC Radio 4 added to the experience by interviewing some kids about their radio-making experiences. Meta-podcasting you might say - are we the first in the world to do this?!?! ;-)

Enjoy and, as always, leave a word for the kids.

Download firrhillpodcast_1.mp3


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Well done, the weans at Firrhill! Some increasingly confident stuff here.

OK, I'm a little biased as it is MY class but they have done fantastically well, not just to write and say what they wanted to in French, but also to grasp how to edit the material using audacity. Well done 2T9 - feel proud of yourselves and show off what you've done!

C'est bien, super effort! J'adore votre choix de musique. Ma partie préférée c'était celle qui parlait du shopping à Edimbourg, mais j'aime aussi la publicité avec tous les numéros de téléphone. Qu'est-ce qu'il se passe si je les appelle?!?!


L'emission est formidable mais la capitale du rugby c'est Toulouse - La ville Rose. Alors rendez-vous en 2007 pour la Coupe du Monde du rugby. Mais continuez votre emmission dans ce sens, c'et super. Salut Ghislaine.

Well that is my wife telling all is great even although we are only on dial up here. We live about 30 minutes drive east of Toulouse in the Tarn District.

Check out my blog for other images of France.

Bonne Chance,


Although my french is not too good I understood a lot and thoroughly enjoyed your broacast. Well done to you all

Fantastic! I really enjoyed listening to this. You have put so much good material into it.

Thank you for letting me interview you while you were making your podcast. It was really inspiring to see how quickly you learned to script, record and edit to put all this together... and in French too!

I hope you are all feeling proud of the finished programme!

Well done.

Quel groupe de singes sages! Bien fait. J'ai envie maintenant de rendre visite a Edimbourg encore une fois - en depit du temps!

Well done everyone! I am very surprised at how well you put this together. What an exciting way to study French. If only I had had the opportunity to do something interesting like this when I was at school.
Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed this too! I think you all did a fantastic job to produce a programme of this quality and all en français. This is such a great way to practise your French.

Sorry - that last comment was by me but I forgot to enter my name...

Bravo à M’sieur Fraser et sa classe de 2T9!!
J'encourage tous les profs à essayer le podcastage (soyons francais) avec leurs élèves, c'est super motivant, et pas si difficile que ça, techniquement…après, il faut de l’imagination, bien sûr!
Allez, pour 2T9, hip hip...

Well done, I do not speak French but I think that you guys have done really well. Keep up the good work, it is such a valuable skill to be able to speak another language. I am a teacher in Australia in a place called Newcastle, on the coast.

Oooooh, and I forgot to tell you that I am a friend of your teachers (Grant) and he is really cool and you are really lucky, soooo be kind to him!!!

Great stuff!
very impressive podcast.
I teach in Fife and am going to try this with my pupils.

Bien fait tout le monde! Vous (prof et étudiants) avez achevé un projet merveilleux! I'm studying to become a French and German teacher and will be let loose on the classrooms next August. It's really inspiring to see what you can do when you marry a creative teacher and motivated students with a bit of technology... I hope when I try this it's even half as good :)

Je suis convaincu que c'est une merveilleuse initiative et j'ai hâte de l'essayer avec mes classes. L'enthousiame et l'intérêt se sentent vivement. Bravo à vous tous!

Hi, I'm coming to your school next week (March 2008) to do some career guidance groupwork with a 2nd year class. Found the blog when researching your school to see what makes it tick. Well done!! I'm really looking forward to hearing what you are all up to this year!
a bientot (sorry, don't know how to add accents!!)

Hi Rhona,
This isn't actually the Firhill blog, but just one podcast we made last year. Hopefully there is still plenty of digital stuff out there from the students!

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