April 27, 2006

MapBuilder - the beginning of a cross-curricular history-geography-collaborative project?

From Tim Lauer a wee while back came a heads up on the tool MapBuilder. While in ancient Roman Shropshire Steve suggested that there might be some kind of collaboration between a school in Scotland, where the Romans are studied in depth, and a local school in, say, Wem. The Shropshire students could go out on the trail of Roman ruins and artefacts, photographing and Flickring their findings. Their Flickr photos would also carry a precise geotag (here's a photo from Stirling, geotagged with the longitude and latitude of where it was taken), showing exactly the point where that photo was taken. This could be done using GPS tools in the field, or done afterwards by finding the location on Google Maps manually and finding out the longitude and latitude from that page (a guide to this half way down this handy page). Working with the Scottish students they could then find out the stories behind these artefacts and create a Google Map which tracks these stories geographically, historically and anecdotally.

What do you reckon, Steve? Is it a goer? Is there anyone else out there who would like to take part in this project in their part of the world?


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I think it is a goer, I am sure I can find a secondary or a primary school or two in Shropshire to participate. Let me know when you get more details.


The easiest way I have found to get geotags is to use BeeLoop's Flickr-Geotagr tool. It even gives you some html to copy and paste into your Flickr description.

Also, add FlickrFly from Roblog and your flying about Google Earth in jig time.


I couldn't remember what it was you had suggested before at Stirling. Thanks for the reminder, David!

Shame on you! It's in the del.icio.us links I set up for the Masterclass day. :-P



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