May 25, 2006

118 New Blogs in 118 days

Mesideon_2 I bet AB wishes SETT was in December and not in September. If our ScotEduBlogs meetup manages to get this to happen, 118 blogs in the 118 days run up to the next meetup, then it will have been worth every glass of house red and slice of duck. And as I've said in a comment, if there's one region that can get blogging to that degree, it's Argyll and Bute - unless East Lothian gets there first ;-)

BTW- even his photo is entitled mesideon (go on, hover your mouse above it). I think the blog title should change from Where is AB to MeSideOn, 'cos that's what we're calling him now ;-)


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It appears to be called "mesideon_2"! How many side on images of Andrew are there? I think the public should be told!

He is multifacetted! You have a much nicer photo of him on your Flicker stream, perhaps he'll substitute, though it is another himsideon too! He will get some help with his bold challenge, if he wants it, though I don't know the rules he set with the wine flowing freely! ;-)

Believe me, 'Mesideon_2' is a much better picture than 'Mesideon' - it was the other side!

I am now wishing it was next December! - I've convinced 5 people already, but I'm sure this breakneck speed will now slow down ;-) It's just for fun - but after hearing Will talk about rss, just think how useful it would be to have access to the thoughts of all those reflective practitioners out there - what that could do to our teaching would be immense!

Dear Mesideon
Does it count if I set up a blog for the shinty club..oh and 4 of Marlyn's class at Castlehill have got their own blogs and I got one started for Cathy on Bute but she hasn't got going with it yet but it could count too.

I think that counts. Add them to the wiki

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