May 24, 2006

A flock of bloggers at eLive!

Img_1335 Will is awaiting his turn to take to the podium for his keynote. I just hope he didn't choose his theme music: some really debatable 80s new romantics stuff. Aha? Who knows. John, David and I have met up with Isidora aka Stefania from Italy.

Sitting behind us having a good laugh at the sadness of three guys blogging live in their laptops are Alan and Fiona, from LTScotland. That's them in the picture, looking bored because they're not blogging. Hah!Img_1336


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Not a "flock of bloggers". What about a "Block of Bloggers" or a "Bling of Bloggers". (Well your digital camera has a very high bling factor!) I heard a rude suggestions from Alan as he sat behind us... but ask youself who was able to identify the naff Music as Aha - Searching High and Low and ask yourself who was the saddest geek in the room - and I suspect there was some fairly stiff competition for that title. :-)

Sorry... Don't know why the previous comment from me came through as an anonymous post. Also I should have declared an interest in that I also knew it was Aha playing, but added that I knew a chap at university that shared a flat with an ex-member of the group and named the lead singer. How sad is that?

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