May 24, 2006

Don't go onto Second Life again, Ewan...

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Will is worried for me. I am truly getting addicted to SecondLife. But, hey, we're hbaving a great time at the ScotEduBlog meetup. Shame some of our US and Canadian friends cannot be here, too.


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To say nothing of those stuck in the Wild West. That pint looked inviting and there is even a good photo of Andrew Brown in that stream. Hope you enjoy the night...and all that blogging beer and blether. Och what am I saying? Of course you will!

Wish I was there! Hope you are all enjoying yourselves. Sounds very interesting.

Another Bonsoir from the West - hope you have a great time. May need to have a glass of wine whilst I'm online - just to be sociable...

Home at last...hope your meal is going well!! It was a really good day with a fitting finale with the Wifi Judge.

Ewan, thanks for keeping us posted. It all sounds so exciting! Many are watching - and learning - along with you all. - Mark

Look me up next time you are in SL...I'm ChuckNorris Mission.


I've hitch hiked in. See...

I have just joined up as Tarannau Wollongong - catchy I thought ;)

I'm Katie Farina in SL. Feel free to say hi next time you're inworld. We're applying for funding to develop resources for the Scottish curriculum (mainly Enterprise education) using Teen SL. Fingers crossed :-)

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