May 18, 2006

Marc Prensky in discussion

Img_0677_2 Last month Shropshire County Council held an incredibly motivating day revolving around the engagement of 21st Century learners. The keynote was delivered by Marc Prensky.

Shropshire County Council generously allowed the MFLE to podcast the keynote and the follow-up discussion. That audio from the discussion is on the MFLE and a working version of the keynote is now available here for viewing online or downloading for viewing later.

You can also find these by searching for mflePodcast in iTunes Podcast Directory.

I'd say this is essential listening for any educator wanting to make a difference in their classroom and wanting to know why and how they might do this. Let us know what you think of the podcasts and how they might affect your classroom practice.


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I had the chance to listen to some of this today. Now that's a seminar I would love to have attended. It was really inspirational stuff. Thanks for linking it.

I found this talk - still listening to it - excellent. As someone coming into teaching from an IT-ish background, I thought I'd a good idea about digital divides - Marc has moved me up a few gears. Many thanks to Shropshire County Council for allowing this podcast.

Is this your photo, Ewan? Powerful portrait.

Yeah, it's with my new Canon 350D. Powerful or grumpy, I'm not sure, but I like it.

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