May 06, 2006

SETT Learning Festival: Booking open

This year's SETT looks like a great line-up, with Edward de Bono and Dave Weinberger amongst the keynoters. Booking is open. Two talks struck me as ones I might go to. They're done by this guy Ewan McIntosh... ;-)

20 September: 09.30am, Seminar A2A, Creating Communities
The organisers were keen to have something that reflects the international linking I enjoyed doing at a secondary school but with a primary focus. Using the experiences of Primary schools with whom I have worked this year, on and offline, and applying my own take on things I hope to provide 10 practical steps to making global connections using social software. Of course, it's not just limited to Primary educators although it will address things such as online security from their angle.

21 September 2006: 10.30am, Seminar B1G, Web 2.0 (or “What the hell was Web 1.0?”)
They took out the 'hell' bit in the title, but it's quite important really. Many educators are still running to the hills with the new technology that is emerging while others are excited by it. I've done a talk with this title before with some really nice reactions, but this will be a completely different version of that talk, with some new insights and experiences from this past year.


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You lot in Scotland really seem to know how to put on a good conference. I think I'm going to replace my visit to BETT with SETT.

de Bono?, of de Bono's hats fame. I know one secondary head who'll be in the front row!

When I was visiting my sister, she was bemused by a letter from my nephew's primary outlining the school's approach to teaching thinking skills and wasn't sure what all the colours meant - even six year olds are into de Bono's hats.

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