May 30, 2006

Students blogs in need of comments

Sometimes to build audience for your students you need to put the word out quickly. This is a request for some great primary school writing to be commented upon. The blogs are based up in Aberdeen with teacher Andy Watson.

Some primary 7 pupils in Aberdeen have been posting stories and poems on their blog. They would like to have more comments from other schools.

    If you go to you’ll see the Primary 7 blogs.

As you’ll see, some stories don’t have any comments at all so if your pupils can spare the time to add comments they’d be much appreciated.

    If you would like our children to comment on your blogs, just ask.

    Looking forward to reading your comments.

Update: Jim Wendzloff reminds me of a listserv that educators can use to submit requests for audience for class blogs. You can submit requests over at this 'visitmyclass' blog.



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Hi Ewan,
Been there, done that;-)
Reminds me of this post I made a wee while ago. I'd still like to organise somethind semi formal, maybe a page on the scotedublogs wiki?

Thanks a lot for the publicity, Ewan. Thanks to many contributions from bloggers around the world, all posts in the P7 blogs now have comments. There's certainly a strong supportive community within the educational blogosphere.

(I'd certainly support John's idea of a semi-formal way of gaining an audience as the audience is so important to kids. I'd be happy to help in any way.)

Thanks again.

The link to the listserv doesn't appear to work - or am I being dense!

You're not dense at all - it's my HTML that's wrong.

semi-formal way of gaining an audience:
A page on the scotedublogs wiki.
I've signed a couple of people up without them knowing about it. Including Andy.

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