May 06, 2006

Top blog in the world: it's Chinese

In addition to the news that Chinese and Japanese are both about to tower above English as the languages of choice for bloggers (if they haven't done that already), the top blog in the world, out of some 37.5 million blogs registered at Technorati at the moment, is a Chinese one, Xu Jing Lei. Now, Mark, get to work on that one and tell us what it all means ;-)

I've got a fair bit to go before my ranking gets up there, but I'm happy in a really sad way that my ranking has just topped that of my brother. Let me enjoy it while it lasts ;-)


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she is a movie star in China. Recently she began to conduct her own movie. She just finished the second movie which she conducted.
she is a talented woman. she is not only good at conducting movie, but also her calligraphy is excellent!

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