June 23, 2006

10 Ways To Stay Connected Without Losing Your Mind, And Why Blogging Isn't One Of Them (Part 2)


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This is the second and final part of my keynote speech at Telford and Wrekin's ICT Conference on June 16, 2006. In this first part of the keynote I introduced my digital native past before undertaking to show the first four of ten factors of change in 21st century education.

Part 2 of the podcast reveals factors 5-10 and reveals what I get up to on an average day to stay connected with without losing my mind.

The podcast comes enhanced with slide images and links. Supplementary links and information are available on a previous post I have written on the subjects in hand.


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Don't you mean 'WITHOUT losing my mind' rather than 'WITH losing my mind'?

I think we have a right to know if your advice is a short cut to insanity or the contrary!

Funny it took so many days for that to get noticed. Maybe lots of people are already losing their minds ;-)

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