June 27, 2006

12 kids, 12 schools, 1 podcast: Lochgelly United

I've spent a most enjoyable day in Lochgelly with schoolkids from 12 of the region's secondaries. These S2 (13-15 year old) kids barely knew what a podcast was at 10am this morning but have since got to know each other, planned out scripts, learned to use Audacity and the LAME MP3 encoder to convert it to MP3 and I am now uploading it for them to my own blog to get some instant feedback. There's more on how to do this for the teachers at the MFLE.

The best thing about all this - eleven of the twelve podcasters were boys, the one group nobody believes can do languages. Their tihnking and expression about why languages are important is worthy of listen. It also shows the power of collaboration over working alone.

Well done!

Download LochgellyUnitedPodcast.mp3


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It never fails to amaze me what students can produce with a bit of guidance and creative freedom. From barely knowing what a podcast was to producing this radio show in one day's time proves that these new and innovative technologies are truly the direction we are heading in the classroom.

Brian Grenier
El Paso, TX, USA



I'm rooting for Ghana in the World Cup!


Isn't it incredible how fast students are willing to take initiative and develop very high quality work when they are asked to do something interesting. I once had a veteran teacher tell me that at the end of the day the best teachers are bored and their students are exhausted because they've worked so hard. I certainly recognize the limitations of this statement; however, it's worth thinking about.

Andy Pass

Fantastic podcast from Lochgelly! Really enjoying listening to it.

Great work. I find that boys are more interested in English class when it is physically active and involves others. Making the podcasts must have been an intense process that they really connected with. Did you think about surveying the kids and finding out what they thought about the process? Could be interesting ...

I normally do survey every group I work with. This is the first time that the clock beat us. I would love them to comment here and have invited them to do so. Here's hoping!

If not, I'm sure that they will apply some pressure to their teachers to get podcasting in the new term...

Very interesting project. Now that is what I call technology integration. It is seldom you see projects where kids sound excited and take pride in their work, especially in a language class. Great job.

Hello Ewan,
Thanks for the great day, I really enjoyed producing the 2nd half of the podcast, thanks again !!

Ibrahim Ibrahim

Hi Ewan,
I am Ibrahim's small brother and I am very pleased of what he and his colleages have produced in the Fife Festival of Languages. I enjoyed the world cup interviews the most and my overall opinion is that it was an impressive podcast.
Bilal Ibrahim (Ibrahim's brother)

Hi Ibrahim ,as you said the pod cast is amazing.Online math game gives mathematics along with fun .

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