June 02, 2006

An adoption strategy for social software in education

111392210_093ca3ddaa The session I am chairing at blog.ac.uk in the Big Smoke (left) sets to create a strategy for educators to get their education area and community onside in the use of social software in education. I've set up an Adoption Strategy Wiki over at ScotEduBlogs to handle this topic and would welcome the views of those who couldn't make it to the conference.

  • What has worked in your area for getting management to buy into social software?
  • What has worked to get colleagues onside?
  • Is it sustainable? Are there steps you will need to take to make it a long-term success?
  • Are we, from our classrooms, able to evaluate the effect of social software to justify its long-term use in education?

Get onto the wiki, and edit the material there giving your ideas. We'll be working on this throughout the morning, too, here in London. By the end of the day I hope we're well on the way to providing a success story led piece of guidance for anyone to get going in their area.


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