June 07, 2006

Blogging value for money

As a public servant I read Don's post on getting value for money from the jolly interactive IT conference he is attending in Belfast ;-) I honestly think that attending (good) conferences is an essential part of any teacher's / manager's year and would have enjoyed attending this one (our project partners are organising next year's).

At the conferences I have attended this year (over some 55,000 miles on train and plane) I have normally spoken at some point, which always gets you thinking very carefully about others' work so that you can alter your own work to segway perfectly. But I have learnt most from not just listening to others but from blogging what they have to say live, reflecting instantly and reflecting with time past.

This one looks like it's going to be a good one for East Lothian since Ollie appears to be heading out, too, along with the Director of Technologies at LTScotland. Lots of opportunity for networking and getting some more expertise and ideas for East Lothian.

I hope the conference does create some new ideas for the people present because it looks like Exc-el bloggers will be onto the case for those of us who couldn't make it in person. From the programme I can't believe they're only letting Alan November speak for 15 minutes (does he know this?!) and think it looks like a lot of speakers in not much time. I hope Don and Ollie have their touch typing skills brushed up for our benefit!


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