June 25, 2006

Exc-el - East Lothian's social learning platform

Img_1696 Last Tuesday I took up Don on his open invitation to attend the Exc-el strategy meeting. Exc-el is an ambitious on- and offline project to raise expectations, attainment in East Lothian schools, from nursery through to secondary level. A key to making this work is providing a way for people not only to reach success but to share those successes. Social software is a prime mechanism to do this and the Exc-el website currently acts as portal to a wide array of teacher and student-led blogs, wikis and podcasts.

I ended up taking notes which formed six points to consider over the next few months. Over this week I’ll publish each of them at 7am, along with my own thoughts. The first one is posted today; all will be available in the new 'Excel' category on my blog. The team welcome all feedback; a comment on this blog post is probably the easiest way to do this.


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